AMiS can be easily integrated with other (medical) equipment. On the AMiS Diagnostics page can be seen how easily diagnostic devices like vital-signs can be integrated. Thus, it is also possible to integrate the AMiS with other functional hardware. The mobile solution for video conferencing is a great example. This way it becomes possible to mobile stream live HD-quality images of for example surgeries, instructions and second opinions within the OR.

It is also possible to integrate the AMiS with standard computers (thin or fat clients) of the hospital. A special housing for the specific thin-clients will be made and fitted to the rear of the AMiS, neatly concealed with a perfect cable management. 


Lightweight and highly mobile with an integrated industrial design to maximize durability and functionality in a medical environment
Cisco TelePresence SX20 codec with 1080p60 video and high-definition (HD) content sharing
Cisco TelePresence MultiSite technology, which allows users to add up to three additional participants to a telepresence call
Multiple standard and high-definition video inputs for connectivity with peripheral audio and video (medical) equipment / devices
1080p HD camera with full pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities and far-end camera control (FECC): 4x standard zoom, 12x optional zoom
Camera mount which provides an additional tilting function for patients in a hospital bed or wheelchair
24-inch 1080p HD LED-backlit display that makes vivid telepresence experiences with minimal energy consumption
Dual system speakers and amplifier for high-output audio in a medical setting
Touchscreen control panel provides easy system control with minimal training, plus infrared remote control for complete wireless control system
Non-slip, antibacterial worktop
Removable cable access panel for easy cable management
Both AC operation as a medical-graded rechargeable battery
Flexible offer storage modules include computers, medical equipment, supplies, etc.