Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is one of the newest software-tools for AMiS. Remote Monitoring makes it possible to get all the information about all AMiS carts (and medical computers) in one overview dashboard.

Why monitoring? 

  Much equipment (mobile/stationary workstations) 
  Medical staff do not report all failures/problems
  Faults can therefore be prevented in advance
  Faults can be solved effectively
  Type of faults are better recognized, in order to prevent a new fault in the future
  More detailed information forwarded to 2nd line support (Alphatron)
  Possibility to remote support (monitoring Alphatron)

Monitoring what?

It is possible to read parameters of the internal computer or thing client and the intern AMiS battery system. 

Computer Parameters:
  Computer uptime
  Performance Hard Disks
 Performance Internal Memory
  Performance Wi-Fi connection

Battery system parameters:
  Number of (complete) cycles 
  User intensity of AMiS (mobile or fixed)
  Quality of individual cells
  Quality of complete battery 
  Information about (charge) connection and voltage

What are the advantages?

  Causing of the failure (slow connection) faster and better recognized
  Preventing problems to be flooding of memory or hard drive
  Determine where possibly the Wi-Fi connection is lost completely

Battery system:
  Information / notification to the user: display notifications when you need to recharge
  Trend Analysis: Predicting when a battery reaches the end of its life
  Troubleshooting: Reading individual cell values to make a correct analysis of the course of charging and discharging