• Mobile Carestation

    AMiS - Alphatron Mobile intelligent careStation is a totally new concept in the field of Mobile Point of Care. AMiS is the answer to the rapidly increasing demand for integrated, multifunctional mobile IT workstations that will increase the efficiency of the careprovider around the patient.

  • Medicationcart

    With AMiS medication module, the functionality of the AMiS can easily be changed from a COW into a medication distribution trolley. The intelligent medication module is easily removable and therefore also exceptionally suitable for exchange with the pharmacy!

  • Vital Signs integration

    AMiS diagnostic solutions help to improve the nursing work efficiency. Transport of patients to other locations an Research Labs can be avoided by these solutions. Moreover, the purchase of various mobile solutions is not necessary anymore. With AMiS Diagnostics you combine mobile healthcare and diagnostic tests such as Vital Signs and ECG, right at the patient's bedside!

  • ECG integration

    In a modern healthcare environment the use of computers and networks are everyday's business. As a result, the modern ECG diagnostics requires a digital mesurement, analysis and storage. Databases store ECG's from any number of patients electronically and previous evaluations can be accessed from the network and displayed on each workstation. 

  • Accessories

    With AMiS you have the ability to add various accessories to the mobile concept. For example a needle container, a bin, but also customized accessories are possible. This way the current IT-hardware in the hospital can easily be paired with the mobile carestation.