Medication logistics

For every situation in the hospital or nursing home, AMiS offers its own solution. From individual bin transport to ergonomic detachable medication modules, which can be connected and transported to the pharmacy. 


Collective box transfer

This solution transfers complete boxes including bins from A to B. With the helping cart it is possible to disconnect the boxes in the pharmacy. This transportation cart can carry four or more boxes, which can be transported at one time. 

  • Transport complete boxes including bins from A to B
  • Detach and attach with the help cart at the pharmacy
  • The boxes are mounted at the right height, so there's no need to lift the boxes
  • Transport 4 or more medication boxes at once

Individual box transport (helping cart)

With this solution are - just like collective box-transfer- complete boxes including bins transferred from A to B. The big advantage of this solution is that boxes are directly (dis)connected onto AMiS. This trolley is ready-to-use as a 'filling cart' in the filling unit. For the benefit of the logistic process, these trolleys can be connected to each other.  

  • Transport complete boxes including bins from A to B
  • Detach and attach to AMiS with a simple and light movement
  • No lifting at the nursing ward
  • No lifting in the pharmacy
  • Suitable as 'filling cart'
  • Easy in use because of the ergonomics
  • The carts can be connected to each other and make a 'train'

Individual bin transfer

With individual bin-transfert, it is not necessary to (dis)connect medication boxes onto AMiS. This cart can transport a lot of bins for complete of even multiple wards at once. The transportation tower can also be used to fill medication in the pharmacy.

  • No need to attach or detach complete boxes
  • The various bins of complete or several wards can be transferred
  • Ergonomic and compact design 
  • The tower can also be used to fill the medication at the pharmacy