ECG integration

In a modern healthcare environment the use of computers and networks are daily business. As a result, the modern ECG diagnostics requires a digital measurement, analysis and storage. Databases store ECG's from any number of patients electronically and previous evaluations can be accessed from the network and displayed on each workstation. 

custo med brings the standard to a higher level with the introduction of the 12-channel rest/stress ECG test modules custo cardio 100 and custo cardio 200. Both modules are available wireless and easily link with the medical platform, custo diagnostics. The custo cardio 200 ECG application is a closed system with integrated suction unit and the only cleaning system awarded the hygiene certificate of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene. 

The medical platform, custo diagnostics, imports patients data, creates worklists, records, analyses and exports the various tests based on the open standards such as HL7 and DICOM. 


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custo Cardio 200 USB/BT

Rest ECG software functionalities
●  Single rhythm analysis, cumulative complexes, measurement table

Stress test ECG software functionalities
  Online arrhythmia detection with acoustic and visual warning function
  Predefined profiles with the option for custom configuration
  Control of treadmills, sitting and supine ergometers
  Automatic recording of blood pressure, SPO2 and lactate
  A summary of all research-specific values in a report

Sample frequency 1000 samples/sec. extremes and chest (1 ms)
4000 samples/sec. pacemaker (0.25 ms)
Frequency response 0.05 - 500 Hz
Deviation < 1,5%
A/D converter 24 bit
Input impedance > 50 MΩ
Amplitude quantification 0.3 μV/bit
Defibrillation protection Electric strength 5000 V (recovery <10s)
Extraction 6 levels, 0 - 280 mbar (in steps of 40 mbar)
Supply Voltage 15 V DC
Energy Max. 25 Watt during recording
Data connectie USB kabel (5m), Bluetooth optioneel
Software filter and functionalities        Power filter, muscle filter, anti-drift filter, pacemaker detection
Impedance measurement All electrodes (not N) with automatic quality identication
Bluetooth reach up to 10m
Dimensions Ca. L250 x W100 x H60 mm 
Weight Ca. 785 kg