AMiS can be provided with diagnostic equipment so the caregiver can work more efficiently from the AMiS mobile carestation. The number of separate carts with measuring equipment can be reduces with this solution. Moreover, the caregiver loses less time on moving measuring carts. With AMiS as a mobile diagnostic workstation you combine the digital reporting with daily routine tests, such as blood pressure measurements, temperature, Vital Signs and ECG, right at the patient's bedside!



  • Vital Signs integration

    AMiS diagnostic solutions help to improve the nursing work efficiency. Transport of patients to other locations an Research Labs can be avoided by these solutions. Moreover, the purchase of various mobile solutions is not necessary anymore. With AMiS Diagnostics you combine mobile healthcare and diagnostic tests such as Vital Signs and ECG, right at the patient's bedside!

  • ECG integration

    Using a number of useful mounting brackets, various ECG devices including Mortara, GE and Custo Med can easily be placed on the AMIS. Depending on the specific model we can power the ECG device from the AMiS battery system and link it to the fanless internal AMiS computer. This way, all the values ​​and measurements can directly be linked to the EHR.