• All-in-one Mobile Carestation

    AMiS - Alphatron Mobile intelligent careStation is a whole new concept in the Mobile Point of Care. AMiS is the answer to the rapidly increasing demand for integrated, multifunctional mobile IT workplaces that will increase the efficiency of the caregiver around the patient.

  • Medication Safety

    AMiS medication cart allows the caregiver to give out medication directly at the patient's bedside. AMiS is compact, agile, wireless, ergonomic and has a large capicity for maximum medication storage. The unique Medicationbox ensures a controlled and precise delivery of medication according to the "closed-loop" principle. The caregiver just need to log in as usual with a code or password, which can be entered by the standard keyboard or touchscreen. In fact; authorizing and authentication is now even possible with the employee card! The programmable timer ensures complete safety: if AMIS is left unattended, the medication drawers are - when closed - automatically locked.

  • Medication Logistics

    For every situation in the hospital or nursing home, AMiS offers its own solution. From individual bin transport to ergonomic detachable medication modules, which can be connected and transported to the pharmacy. 

  • Diagnostics

    AMiS can be provided with diagnostic equipment so the caregiver can work more efficiently from the AMiS mobile carestation. The number of separate carts with measuring equipment can be reduces with this solution. Moreover, the caregiver loses less time on moving measuring carts. With AMiS as a mobile diagnostic workstation you combine the digital reporting with daily routine tests, such as blood pressure measurements, temperature, Vital Signs and ECG, right at the patient's bedside!

  • Videoconferencing

    AMiS can be easily integrated with other (medical) equipment. On the AMiS Diagnostics page can be seen how easily diagnostic devices like vital-signs can be integrated. Thus, it is also possible to integrate the AMiS with other functional hardware.