The integration server that saves time for nursing


    AMiSconnect is the central communication server that integrates with modern IT architecture and unique functionalities on AMiS hardware activates for the entire hospital!

    Automatically to your personal workplace height

    With the AMiSconnect module Staff_ID, AMiS is automatically set in your last-used personal working height after logging in to your personal session.

    With fingerprint or ID-badge access to medication

    AMiS has now the possibility to integrate with Imprivata’s security options. The caregiver must authenticate to get safe and controlled access to AMiS’s medication box. Imprivata Confirm IDTM streamlines this workflow with a fast and secure authentication for unlocking or locking the box. Usernames and passwords are replaced by scanning an ID badge of fingerprint.


    Remote Fleet Manager

    Remote Fleet Manager is one of the newest software modules of AMiSconnect. The Fleet Manager gives you a complete overview of the status of all AMiS carestations from a central (IT) workspace. As a service provider this gives you complete control of all your fixed and mobile workstations. You can efficiently maximize the continuity of the care process!

    When you don’t have access to a client workspace in case of an important message, an automatic message on your smartphone keeps you updated about every situation you want, anytime and anywhere. Even outside working hours, you can let our support staff watch 24/7 live.

    By reading both parameters of (mobile) computer systems and the AMiS battery system, it is possible to identify the nature of a malfunction faster and better and to provide information (automatically) to service providers. You also reduce the chance of an incident significantly. It can even be predicted when a battery reaches its end of life.

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