With AMiS you have the ability to add various accessories to the mobile concept. For example a needle container, a bin, but also customized accessories are possible. This way the current IT-hardware in the hospital can easily be paired with the mobile carestation. 


  Storage module

The storage module has a modular construction and can easily be assembled on both sides and at the back of the mobile carestation. You can store medical supplies, including bottles, cups and infusion bags safely.

The storage module is available in three models; you can decide which model suits best at your daily routine.


Drawer unit

A drawer unit for storage, several units available:

  • Single drawer 15 or 20 cm
  • Double drawer 15 cm
  Mouse holder

The mouseholder is available in two sizes, for large and smal mice. 

Ergonomic keyboard tray

The ergonomic keyboardshelf is easy to extend and supports your wrists.


Mouse tray

A convenient extendable tray for the mouse, at the right height. 

Bottle holder

The bottle holder can be fixed to the AMiS at various positions. 

  Cup holder

AMiS can be provided with a cupholder that is suitable voor unit-dose cups and larger cups. 

Needle container holder

The holder for needlecontainers can be fixed to de AMiS at various postitions. 

  Barcode scanner

AMiS can be provided with a holder for a (wireless) barcode scanner.

Wire basket

This basket can be easily cleaned in accordance with the hygiene requirements of your department. The basket is spacious and is suitable for various accessories. 

  Folding table

The folding table on the left enlarges the worktable.

DIN mount rail

An extra DIN rail can be fixed at the backside of the AMiS. 


Flip-out box

De flip-out box provides more storage options at AMiS. These boxes can also be fixed on several positions. 

  Glove holder

Various sizes of gloveboxes can be placed on the AMiS.

  Accessory hook

The hook can, like all other accessories, easly be attached to the DIN rail.